Drop Preview: Atlas Lyons Club

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Drop Preview: Atlas Lyons Club

Atlas Lyons Club is an NFT project that aims to build a full-fledged NFT project incubator, allowing aspiring creators to build their own NFT projects. The genesis collection boasts 1,920 matchbox NFTs, an ode to the Roaring Twenties and the significance matchboxes played, particularly as a role in gaining entry to speakeasies. 

Below we’ve gathered everything you need to know about the upcoming Atlas Lyons NFT drop. 

The Important Details 

Mint Price Morty’s List: 0.055 ETH | Mint Price Public Sale: 0.08 ETH | Supply: 1,920 Matchbox NFTs

Mint Date Morty's List: February 24 | Mint Date Public Sale: March 3

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AtlasLyons | Website: https://www.atlaslyons.com/ | Discord: https://discord.com/invite/atlaslyonsclub  | Medium: https://atlaslyons.medium.com/ | Whitepaper: https://the-atlas-lyons-club.gitbook.io/white-paper/

What Is Atlas Lyons Club? 

Building since October of 2021, Atlas Lyons Club is an NFT project focused on becoming an incubator for other NFT collections and projects. Built by a team of founders who found escape from their corporate jobs via NFTs and web3, Atlas Lyons hopes to provide the same opportunity to others. 

"The Atlas Lyons Club mission is to deliver a chance for EVERY member to escape their current world and imagine one of their own making."

Creators participating in the Atlas Lyons incubator will have the full support of the Atlas Lyon’s team and will be financially covered for the creation of their project, while still being able to share in the rewards. 

The project’s lore centers on a character named Mortimer, the founder of the Atlas Lyons Club and veteran of the Roaring Twenties that understands the time and effort required to find success. As the roadmap (or Morty-Map) unfolds, Mortimer will play an integral role in guiding participating members of the club. 

How Can You Gain Access to the Atlas Lyons Club?  

Gaining entry to the Atlas Lyons Club comes via the club's genesis matchbox NFT. The collection of 1,920 matchbox NFTs serve as a membership card and ticket to enter the club, similar to the way that matchboxes could be used to enter speakeasies in the 1920s. You can learn more about the history here, as noted by the Atlas Lyons team. 

Once inside the Atlas Lyons Club, holders will have access to different sets of utility, including the ability to propose a project for the incubator. 

How Will the Atlas Lyons Club Incubator Work? 

Each Atlas Lyons incubation period will follow a similar five step cycle. The incubation utility afforded community members is also detailed in the graphic below, courtesy of the Atlas Lyon's Whitepaper. 

1. Project Submissions

Members of the Atlas Lyons Club have the opportunity to submit their NFT project ideas to the community. Each member can propose an idea for consideration during this incubation period. 

2. Project Selection 

After project ideas are submitted, the entire community will have the opportunity to hear and learn the details about project submissions. After, the community will vote on which project idea should be moved forward for incubation.

3. Project Governance

Once a project has been selected by the community, a project team will be created to build and develop against the idea. During the project development, the community maintains the ability to help in making key decisions about the development of the project. It's important to note that all project ideas selected by the community will be fully funded by the Atlas Lyons Incubator Wallet. This wallet is funded via the project's initial NFT sale. 

4. Promotions and Launch

After the project idea has been submitted, selected, and built, it will be launched and promoted by both the Atlas Lyons team and the community. 

5. Graduation

Finally, when a project is launch and the roadmap is being executed upon, the Atlas Lyons team will fall into support mode, allowing the project to flourish independently. 


What Else is on the Roadmap? 

The incubator is not the only utility provided to Atlas Lyons Club members. The existing Morty Map (roadmap) also shares a few key bullets regarding the future of Atlas Lyons Club. 

Atlas Iconics

Building off the Mortimer lore and the Roaring Twenties theme, Atlas Iconics will push forth a 10,000 piece profile picture NFT collection, stylized to represent a diverse Atlas Lyons community. 

All Atlas Lyons Club members will be eligible to claim an Atlas Iconic NFT.&nbsp

Atlas Roaring

In the spirit of properly aligning incentives, the Atlas Lyons team is hoping to give all members the opportunity to benefit from the success of Atlas Lyons and all of the projects the community incubates. In the Atlas Roaring section of their roadmap, the team suggests that Mortimer and their securities lawyers are aiming to find a legal way to let all community participants reap in the upside of the project and incubated projects to come, beyond the benefits already included in their initial mint.

Who Is the Atlas Lyons Founding Team? 

The Atlas Lyons Club founding team is made up of four pseudonymous individuals: Snitch, Von Frontin, Mobee.eth, and Giles. While the team is maintaining pseudonymity, all four members can be found via linked Twitter accounts. 

Per the project's website, the team brings decades of experience in brand development, marketing, product design, and more. 

Click here to learn more about each individual team member. 

Who Is the Atlas Lyons Matchbox Artist? 

The matchbox NFT that grants access to the Atlas Lyons Club is crafted by artist Jason Carne. Jason is a graphic designer and artist that specializes in print and packaging. His client list boasts names like Disney, Warner Brothers, Riot Games, and more. 

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