Everything You Need To Know About 0xDrip

Everything You Need To Know About 0xDrip

Few NFT traits are as recognizable as the 3D glasses trait. First established with CryptoPunks, the 3D glasses trait was then adopted by the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection, and has made appearances in a variety of NFT collections since. 

But while 3D glasses have gained acclaim in web3, the physical predecessors remain flimsy throwaways reserved for the buttery fingers of preadolescent moviegoers. 

0xDrip aims to change that. 

The Important Details 

Mint Price Public Sale: 0.25 ETH | Supply: 1,111 NFTs

Mint Date Allowlist | August 11, 11:11 a.m. ET Mint Date Public Sale: August 11, 1:11 p.m. ET

Twitter: https://twitter.com/0xDrip | Website: https://www.0xdrip.io/Discord: https://discord.com/invite/JHCUsTuAcx  

What Is 0xDrip? 

0xDrip is an NFT project hoping to bridge the digital and physical divide on 3D Glasses.

First ideated at NFT NYC in November of 2021, 0xDrip is an NFT project hoping to bridge the digital and physical divide on 3D glasses.   

While 3D glasses signify luxury in the metaverse, the physical market is made of cardboard. 

"0xDrip is here to change that," reads the project's website. 

Each 0xDrip NFT gives the holder the option to redeem a physical pair of luxury 3D glasses, 0xGlasses.

How Does 0xDrip Work? 

0xDrip is utilizing a redemption mechanic for its physical 0xGlasses. 

Minters will be granted one of five different 0xDrip NFTs: black, white, transparent, multichoice, and gold. 

Each of the NFT types will correspond to the eventual redemption of the 0xGlasses. 

For example, users who mint a white 0xDrip NFT will be eligible to redeem a pair of 0xGlasses with white frames. 

Those who mint a multichoice 0xDrip NFT will have the option to choose their desired frame color - black, white, or transparent. 

Gold 0xDrip NFT holders will be eligible to redeem their NFTs for all three frame types. 

What Are the 0xDrip 3D Glasses (0xGlasses) Like? 

0xDrip's luxury 3D glasses are built with non-toxic, biodegradable frames in three different colors. 

The 0xGlasses come naturally equipped with blue-light lenses and two additional snap-on lenses, cool shades and 3D. This allows the 0xGlasses to operate as 3D glasses and sunglasses as well. 

The attachment lenses easily snap-on using rare-earth magnets, allowing the user to quickly switch between their desired lens. 

In addition to the 0xGlasses, redeemers will receive a carrying case, pouch, and polishing cloth. 

How Can I Redeem My 0xDrip NFT?

Details about redeeming the 0xDrip NFT for the physical 0xGlasses have not yet been released. The project expects the redemption window to open near the end of the summer, with the shipment of the 0xGlasses taking place by December 2022. 

Who Is the 0xDrip Founding Team?  

The 0xDrip project has been in development for the last nine months and is being built by a handful of NFT industry veterans. Learn more about the team at their respective Twitter profiles below:

How Can I Learn More? 

To learn more about 0xDrip or ask questions about the project, hop in the 0xDrip Discord or visit the project's website.

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