7-Eleven Introduces First Digital Slurpee Collectible

 7-Eleven Introduces First Digital Slurpee Collectible

7-Eleven announced the introduction of a unique digital collectible, "Find Your Slurpee Vibe," for Slurpee enthusiasts across the nation on its 96th birthday. 

The Deets

  • The new 'Find Your Slurpee Vibe' collectible allows customers to virtually create their own Slurpee drink mix
  • Limited-time flavors are available for the virtual drink mix
  • Collectible can be added to digital wallets
  • 7Rewards and Speedy Rewards customers who claim the collectible can win jewelry designed by premium brand, King Ice

The Bulk

On July 11th, marking 7-Eleven's 96th birthday, customers can not only got FREE small Slurpee® drinks at participating stores but also ventured into the virtual world with the debut of "Find Your Slurpee Vibe." This first-of-its-kind digital collectible allows Slurpee fans to create their own digital Slurpee drink mix. They can choose from classic flavors like Cherry, Blue Raspberry, and Pina Colada, or experiment with a limited-time only flavor, Summertime Citrus.

After selecting the desired mix, the virtual Slurpee machine whips up a unique Slurpee vibe, which can be shared on social media using #SlurpeeVibe. Furthermore, customers can mint their mix, transforming it into a digital collectible that can be added to their digital wallets. As an added incentive, 7Rewards® and Speedy Rewards® customers who claim the digital collectible are entered to win Slurpee-inspired jewelry from premium designer King Ice.

🎤 Founder Feedback

We’re marking another first for the brand with our inaugural digital collectible, Find Your Slurpee Vibe. Customers can virtually curate specialty drinks to find their own Slurpee vibe. And who knows? Maybe you’ll even give us some inspiration for future flavors.Marissa Jarratt, 7-Eleven Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing & Sustainability Officer

🔜 What's Next?

Stay tuned for more engaging activities and possible new Slurpee flavors inspired by the 'Find Your Slurpee Vibe' digital collectible.

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