Animoca Brands Announces Strategic Investment in Param Labs

Animoca Brands Announces Strategic Investment in Param Labs

Animoca Brands announced a strategic investment in Param Labs, a UAE-based gaming infrastructure innovator. 

The Deets

  • Strategic Investment: Animoca Brands injects funds into Param Labs to accelerate web3 and digital property rights initiatives.
  • Game Development: Kiraverse, a flagship web3 game, offers digital asset competition and trading.
  • Innovative Tech: Pixel-to-Poly technology transforms 2D images into 3D in-game characters.
  • Esports and Ecosystem Growth: Partnerships with esports giants and a forthcoming ecosystem token launch.

The Bulk

Param Labs, stationed in the United Arab Emirates, and Animoca Brands solidified their partnership with a strategic investment aimed at enhancing web3 infrastructure. 

Kiraverse, the cornerstone of Param Labs' portfolio, is a web3 multiplayer third-person shooter game that champions digital ownership and the trade of in-game assets like characters and skins.

Additionally, Param Labs is pioneering the Pixel-to-Poly service, enabling the conversion of 2D images into 3D playable characters.

🎤 Founder Feedback

This strategic investment from Animoca Brands propels us towards redefining digital ownership in gaming, aligning with our mission to pioneer innovative shifts within the industry.Anthony Anderson, CEO of Param Labs

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