Animoca Brands Japan Announces SORAH Launchpad Launch

Animoca Brands Japan Announces SORAH Launchpad Launch

SORAH by Animoca Brands Japan will launch on June 18, 2024, featuring exclusive NFT collections including San FranTokyo Visions, Captain Tsubasa Team Collection and SHIBUYA109 FASHION COLLECTION.

The Deets

  • Launchpad Inauguration: SORAH by Animoca Brands Japan kicks off with three unique NFT collections.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The platform is designed for easy use, even for first-time NFT buyers.
  • Loyalty Programs: Future benefits will be available through an NFT-based loyalty program.
  • Global Connectivity: Aims to bridge Japanese IP with the global community.

The Bulk

Animoca Brands Japan, a strategic subsidiary of Animoca Brands, is set to launch of its new launchpad, SORAH. The launchpad will officially go live on June 18, showcasing three major NFT collections: San FranTokyo Visions, Captain Tsubasa Team Collection, and SHIBUYA109 FASHION COLLECTION.

In addition to providing a marketplace for these collections, SORAH will introduce loyalty programs. These programs will offer various benefits through NFTs, enhancing user engagement and offering more value to the platform's users. Details about these programs will be announced later.

Animoca Brands Japan aims to use SORAH to connect Japanese intellectual properties (IPs) like manga and anime with global audiences, promoting cultural exchange and expanding the reach of Japanese content.

🔜  What's Next?

Animoca Brands Japan plans to continue expanding its NFT offerings and loyalty programs, with more announcements expected in the coming months. Stay tuned for updates on additional collections and benefits for SORAH users.

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