Arbitrum Unleashes Token Airdrop

Arbitrum Unleashes Token Airdrop

The hits keep coming this morning, as Arbitrum announced its highly-anticipated $ARB token airdrop along with news about its shift to DAO governance with a teaser video from the L2's official Twitter account today.

❗ Why It Matters

Arbitrum's token airdrop and transition to a DAO signal a new era in its growth, empowering community governance and fostering innovation in the Ethereum scaling ecosystem. The airdrop will likely serve as a liquidity injection into the crypto space

ğŸ”Ž The Deets

  • The airdropped tokens will be distributed to eligible wallet holders who have interacted with the Arbitrum network, and the event is expected to drive increased adoption of the platform and its Layer 2 scaling solution
  • The transition to a DAO is aimed at promoting decentralized decision-making and community involvement, and opening the tech stack will allow developers to create new and innovative applications on top of Arbitrum. Arbitrum's transition to a DAO governance model will enable users to vote on future upgrades, enhancements, and development directions
  • According to Decrypt, Arbitrum currently commands more than 55% of the layer-2 market.
  • The airdrop "won't kick off for another week," and is currently scheduled for March 23. Eligibility is determined by "an internal eligiblity criterion" which was developed by Offchain Labs with the help of Nansen.

⚡ Take Action

  • Users can check their eligibility for the airdrop here.

ğŸŽ¤ Founder Feedback

Today's the day! Arbitrum is transitioning to community governance. So proud of the @OffhchainLabs team and everything we have done together to get to this point. Today, with the birth of the @Arbitrum DAO, we pass the baton to the Arbitrum community.Ed Felton, Offchain Labs co-founder

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