Blitmap Releases More Details on Logos Collection

Blitmap Releases More Details on Logos Collection

Blitmap released more information on character types and new mechanics for its upcoming Logos collection in a Notion article Monday.

The Logos minting process will be in a series of 2-to-4-week releases where new characters will be introduced each release, the article said.

At any time, minters can revert their character back to a minting key, which will be distributed one-for-one to each Blitmap and Blitnaut holder. The rest will be available to the public with details to be announced.

The process will "play out over a few months" and after all the characters are released, holders will have four weeks to make final decisions on their character.

The project is also asking the community to vote on a few possible "tweaks" in Discord polls (tweaks that receive a 75 percent majority vote will be implemented):

  • Front-loaded rarity. Characters that appear earlier in the collection would have lower quantities than characters who appear later in the collection. For example, a character released in Week 1 may have a quantity of 128, while a character released in Week 6 may have a quantity of 256.
  • Locking and Originals. "Original” combinations would be specified for each character and at about 32 originals, these would likely be the rarest pieces in the collection.
  • Brand Marks. Those created during the minting experience would be in a separate collection and every minting key would be redeemable for two collectibles: one Mark, and one Logo.
  • Different minting keys based on origin. With this, there would be three versions of minting keys and each one would have different "capabilites":
    • Blitmap Minting Key
    • Blitnaut Minting Key
    • Public Minting Key



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