CNN Will No Longer Develop or Maintain Web3 Experiment

CNN Will No Longer Develop or Maintain Web3 Experiment

CNN is sunsetting its web3 experiment, CNN Vault, according to a statement shared via the project's official Twitter yesterday. 

Vault, which was spearheaded by CNN Digital, allowed users to collect NFTs that "feature historic moments and artistic interpretations archival media and artist creations as conversation starters."

Most of the NFTs featured on the collections marketplace, which it maintained on its own via the Flow blockchain, are in the form of video NFTs with snippets from historical and archival footage from CNN. Users could collect these NFTs paying in USD while utilizing the Dapper Wallet, powered by Dapper Labs and featured on NBA Top Shot and NFL ALL DAY. 

Some of those moments include CNN projecting Donald Trump's Presidential victory, Ted Turner's launch of CNN, and the release of Nelson Mandela from Prison. 

Response to the shutdown has been largely negative, with some users asking for a full refund of the NFTs they purchased via the CNN Vault platform. 

Though the CNN Vault marketplace and website will no longer receive maintenance, the NFTs will live on via the Flow blockchain and could conceivably be traded on another Flow blockchain marketplace like Gaia. 

As of 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning, only one NFT had traded on the marketplace in the last week. 

Users hoping to explore the available NFTs can do so here

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