Coinbase Returns Onchain Summer

Coinbase Returns Onchain Summer

Coinbase and Base kick off the second Onchain Summer, inviting everyone to participate in a multi-month celebration of onchain music, art, food, and gaming.

The Deets

  • Community Focus: Aimed at celebrating and showcasing onchain creativity.
  • Inclusive Participation: Open to all creators and participants.
  • Minting Opportunity: Mint an Onchain Summer NFT for customization.
  • Support for Builders: Over 600 ETH in prizes and grants for builders.

The Bulk

Coinbase and Base have announced the return of Onchain Summer, a multi-month event dedicated to celebrating and showcasing the creativity within the onchain community. This year’s event promises to be even more inclusive and participatory, inviting anyone to build and engage with onchain experiences. From today through the end of August, the onchain community will have access to a variety of events and opportunities to showcase their talents.

Central to this year’s Onchain Summer is the opportunity to mint a commemorative NFT. This NFT allows participants to access original files and create their own unique onchain creations. The proceeds from the minting go directly to the original creators, Clément Cases and Bendito Mockup. 

The event also includes a substantial Buildathon, with Base and its partners offering more than 600 ETH in prizes, grants, and gas credits. Additionally, Optimism is committing 600,000 $OP ($1.4 million) for builders and creators working on impact projects across the Superchain, further expanding the support available to the onchain community.

🔜 What's Next?

Onchain Summer promises daily activities and opportunities for participants. Stay tuned for updates and join the movement to build a more creative and connected onchain community.

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