Gala Games Unveils Champions Arena

Gala Games Unveils Champions Arena

Gala Games and Uniflow unveiled Champions Arena, a turn-based RPG featuring more than 100 unique NFT Champions and various gameplay styles.

The Deets

  • Collect over 100 unique NFT Champions, each with special powers.
  • Offers 5 types of gameplay: PvE Campaign, PvP Arena, PvP (auto) Mayhem – Mining Plunder, RvE Mayhem – Monster Raid, and Estate.
  • Player vs. Player Arena features real-time, head-to-head battles where players are ranked in tiers.
  • Features a card battle system where players can merge cards, gain mana, and cast powerful summoner spells.

The Bulk

Developed by Uniflow and hosted on the Gala Games platform, Champions Arena is a turn-based RPG game that aims to revolutionize mobile and PC gaming experiences. Players have the option to collect over 100 unique NFT Champions, each endowed with special abilities, and take them into various types of gameplay.

The game offers a multi-faceted experience through its five gameplay types. In PvE Campaign, players journey through areas of escalating difficulty, collecting rewards and assembling a formidable team along the way. PvP Arena provides real-time battles where players, ranked in tiers based on their team strength, can compete head-to-head. Mayhem – Mining Plunder and Mayhem – Monster Raid add layers of strategy and collaboration, whereas the Estate gameplay is designed for guild-like teamwork.

In addition to the character dynamics, Champions Arena incorporates a card battle system. Players can utilize Energy Cards to execute skills, merge similar cards to grade up, and cast powerful summoner spells using mana that accumulates when cards are merged.

ğŸŽ¤ Founder Feedback

Champions Arena appeals to a broad range of gamers - from those that love the competition and want to test their skills in a game of smarts, to the collectors who just have to get the perfect Champions group.Gala Games

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If Champions Arena piques your interest, learn more about it here. 

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