GAMEE Unleashes Free NFT Beasties in Arc8

GAMEE Unleashes Free NFT Beasties in Arc8

GAMEE, an Animoca Brands subsidiary, will now lets players mint unique, utility-giving NFTs called Beasties at no cost in its Arc8 app. 

The Deets

  • Beasties: In-game companions that can be minted into NFTs
  • Upgrades: Feed your Beasties to level them up and unlock in-game benefits
  • Luck Mining: Harness additional Beasties to mine Luck and gain access to special events

The Bulk

GAMEE, a gaming offshoot of Animoca Brands, is blending web2 and web3 experiences through its Arc8 mobile gaming platform. The platform launched Beasties, utility-providing in-game companions that players can opt to mint as one-of-a-kind NFTs for free.

Beasties are not just cute companions; they come with perks. Players can upgrade these Beasties by feeding them with in-game food earned through gameplay, which then increases their utility, such as higher in-game energy levels for better scores.

In addition to individual upgrades, players can leverage the power of multiple Beasties to mine an in-game currency called Luck. Mining Luck grants entry into special Lucky Events that offer various prizes, making gameplay even more rewarding.

Arc8 was designed to create a seamless gaming experience that welcomes both traditional mobile gamers and those familiar with decentralized, blockchain-based gaming. Supporting both fiat and token payments, Arc8 offers community-driven events and a wide array of rewards, all while promoting the values of digital ownership and blockchain gaming.

📊 By the Numbers

Arc8 boasts about 10,000 daily unique active wallets and received a $1.5 million investment from Binance Labs in 2022.

🎤 Founder Feedback

Our vision for Arc8 revolves around unveiling the incredible potential of Web3 gaming. By welcoming more Web2 players into the Arc8 blockchain mobile gaming platform, we are tapping a vast reservoir of mobile gamers who will now have the opportunity to experience the benefits of blockchain gaming and digital ownership, and claim what might be their first-ever NFT at no cost.Bozena Rezab, CEO of GAMEE

🎬 Take Action

Ready to mint your first Beastie? Download the Arc8 app on iOS or Android to join the action.

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