's 'Factura' Floor Up Nearly 100 Percent After Sell Out's 'Factura' Floor Up Nearly 100 Percent After Sell Out

"Factura," a 999-edition generative art collection from Mathias Isaksen, sold out the remaining 459 NFTs through a public sale in less than two minutes Saturday.

The mint, which featured a frustrating CAPTCHA test, burned more than 5 ETH through transactions. The floor price before the mint was 0.59 ETH. It is currently 1.08 ETH. 

The project is from, a generative art platform from gmDAO. The studio touts itself as the first “completely decentralized art platform” and artists go through a blind curation process to get onto the platform. Artists also pay no fees upfront and the studio provides marketing and contract costs.

The gmDAO token has a 1.74 ETH floor, compared to a 0.6 ETH floor a month ago.

The curation team includes data visualization artist Nadieh Bremer and blockchain artist @seanelliottoc.

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