LaLiga Golazos Releases First World Cup Challenge

LaLiga Golazos Releases First World Cup Challenge

LaLiga Golazos released World Challenge #1 on Thursday, the first of four centered around the ongoing World Cup. 

Users must own Moments from LaLiga players with home countries currently active in the World Cup, with three different difficulty tiers available: 

Tier 1:

  • Moments Needed: 4 Uncommon
  • Reward: Marc-Andre Ter Stegen

Tier 2: 

  • Moments Needed: 4 Uncommon, 1 Rare
  • Reward: Antoine Griezmann

Tier 3: 

  • Moments Needed: 4 Uncommon, 2 Rare
  • Reward: Federico Valverde

The eligible countries and their respective moments on the platform can be found on the Challenge page. Listed moments will not be considered toward the challenge, and Nationalities cannot be repeated within the same rarity, according to the rules:

Example: Tier 1 requires 4 Uncommon and 2 Rare Moments. The four Uncommon moments require four different nationalities. The same applies to the two Rare Moments. Nevertheless, the two Rare Moments can share nationalities with the Uncommon ones

The challenge page also hinted at the first challenge rewards being needed to complete future World Challenges.

The deadline to complete World Challenge #1 is Tuesday, Dec. 6 at 12:00 p.m. EST.

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