Ledger Announces New Corporate NFT Art Collection

Ledger Announces New Corporate NFT Art Collection

Ledger unveiled its new corporate NFT art collection today, which includes artworks with historical and cultural significance to the web3 space.

"NFTs are changing how art and culture are created, stored, and exchanged," the Ledger team wrote on Twitter. "For Art Basel Miami, we are proud to introduce our corporate NFT art collection that we have been building this year, alongside different initiatives to support NFT artists."

Ledger's Chief of Staff JMP, CXO Ian Rogers, and NFT Program Manager G4SP4RD curated the collection, which includes artworks from some of the NFT spaces' top artists like FVCKRENDER, OSF, Reuben Wu, Snowfro, Jenni Pasanen, Carlos Marcial, Justin Aversano, Jen Stark, Refik Anadol, Alotta Money, and more. It also includes CryptoPunk #2272.

The team also hopes to help promote the top and emerging artists in the web3 space.

"This collection is also linked to the launch of an extensive art program that will happen on Ledger Market in order to create synergy and boost exposure to both top and emerging artists from all over the world."

More information about the upcoming art program is expected soon.

These initiatives are guided by the NFT Art Advisory Board, a collection of fine and contemporary art thought leaders. The board includes Kate Vass, Adam Lindemann, Magda Danysz, Lawrence Chu, and others.

See Ledger's art collection on deca.art here.

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