Lewis Osborne's Sales Volume on Tezos Booms

Lewis Osborne's Sales Volume on Tezos Booms

Lewis Osborne, the artist behind notable collections such as Moving Cities and Balloon Fiesta, has been a notable sales volume leader over the past 24 hours according to Objkt

Balloon Fiesta is currently the eighth highest selling collection on Objkt over the past 24 hours with 700 tez traded. 

However, this can be misleading as the "hic et nunc" collection, which is the default go-to collection for many artists on the platform, tallies up every piece in the collection when factoring in volume traded, not just the artist who created it.

Over the past 24 hours, Lewis has sold out their 50 "Curiosity" editions for 5 tez a piece in the hic et nunc collection and saw a purchase of 1,600 tez on their 1/1 "Baubles."

While tracking secondary volume on Objkt is a tall task due to a lack of sortable sales data, if you were to include only the sales volume from Balloon Fiesta, Curiosity, and Baubles, Lewis would currently be ranked third in sales volume on Objkt with 2,550 tez traded. Which would only rank behind "A collection of fragmented existences" and the hic et nunc collection itself.

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