MetaMask Strikes Back Against Phishing Attacks

MetaMask Strikes Back Against Phishing Attacks

MetaMask is rolling out a new product to help protect users from phishing attacks.

The initiative is part of a partnership with Laconic and will focus on Twitter phishing by creating a network to share phishing detection data.

"Our goal is simple: To eliminate phishers. Forever," MetaMask said. "The current version of MobyMask focuses on Twitter phishing, but eventually will expand to any kind of phishing, like websites, smart contracts, and new social media platforms."

MetaMask says Laconic's MobyMask-caching Ethereum light client will allow individuals or groups to host copies of the MobyMask anti-phishing registry. 

There are also future updates planned for the client, which will allow it to be used in a web browser. MetaMask also hopes to have phishing reports communicated to wallets at no cost to the reporter.

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