NBA Top Shot Burns More Than 1,000 Moments in Newest Challenge

NBA Top Shot Burns More Than 1,000 Moments in Newest Challenge

NBA Top Shot has burned 1,393 Moments from 12 different sets during its most recent Brooklyn Nets Squad Goals Crafting Challenge.

The rarest Moment burned during the Crafting Challenge so far was Kevin Durant Metallic Gold LE Series 3 (#562).

The Brooklyn Nets Squad Goals Crafting Challenge reward is a Blake Griffin Series 4 dunk, which also features an assist from Kevin Durant. In order to claim the reward, collectors must first submit the following Moments to be burned:

  • 1 Brooklyn Nets Metallic Gold LE Moment (any Brooklyn Nets MGLE)
  • 1 Brooklyn Nets Rare Moment (any Brooklyn Nets Rare Moment)
  • 2 Blake Griffin - Brooklyn Nets (any Blake Griffin Nets Common Moments)
  • 3 Brooklyn Nets Common Moments (any Nets Common Moments)

Player and Moment stacking are allowed during this challenge, as long as all the criteria are met. This means collectors can burn the same player or Moment more than once.

More information about the Crafting Challenge is available here.

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