NFTfi Foundation Announces Token Details

NFTfi Foundation Announces Token Details

The NFTfi Foundation introduced its governance token ($NFTFI) and its tokenomics and supply schedule yesterday. 

The Deets

  • Decentralization: NFTfi progresses towards decentralization with NFTFI token launch.
  • Lending Growth: Facilitated over $550 million in loans, earning lenders $15 million in interest.
  • SDK and Interoperability: Full-feature SDK for enhanced protocol interoperability.
  • Tokenomics: 2 billion tokens, 220 million initially circulating, claim portal expected in Apr. 

The Bulk

The introduction of its governance token, NFTFI, is a stride towards further decentralization of the NFTfi platform, providing stakeholders within the NFTfi ecosystem a voice in its evolution.

$NFTFI will enable holders to vote on critical aspects of the protocol, such as adding or removing NFT collateral types and adjusting fees and beyond. 

Two billion $NFTFI tokens will exist with an estimated 220 million in initial circulating supply. Current and future NFTfi users and community members will receive 25% of the supply, with an expected claims portal opening in Apr. 

📊 By the Numbers

  • $550 million+ in overall loan volume.
  • $15 million+ in interest earned by lenders.
  • 2 billion NFTFI tokens created, with 220 million initially circulating.

🔜 What's Next?

According to the blog post, a TGE has already taken place with an expected claims portal opening at a later date in Apr. 

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