NFTfi Unveils Loan Streaks for Earn Season 1

NFTfi Unveils Loan Streaks for Earn Season 1

NFTfi introduces loan streaks, a new method to accumulate Earn Bonus Points during Earn Season 1, emphasizing consistent platform engagement and extended loan periods.

The Deets

  • What's a Loan Streak?: Three or more successive months with an active NFTfi loan as either a lender or borrower.
  • Duration Flexibility: Short gaps without a loan won't disrupt the streak; missing an entire month does.
  • Reward Mechanism: Lengthier streaks garner more Earn Bonus Points.
  • Eligibility Period: Those with a streak longer than 3 months from May 15, 2020, to August 6, 2023, receive their bonuses today.

The Bulk

NFTfi engineered a fresh way for users to earn more - introducing the concept of loan streaks. A loan streak is a consistent record where users, either as lenders or borrowers, maintain an active loan status for three consecutive months or more. But what's appealing is the leniency in maintaining this streak. Users can have short breaks without a loan, and it won't disturb their run. However, skipping a full calendar month will reset the streak.

And the benefits? The extended your streak, the higher the Earn Bonus Points you amass. For the users who've been consistent for over three months between May 15, 2020, and August 6, 2023, there's good news. Their deserved bonuses are credited today, taking into account their longest streak during this timeframe. Missed a beat? Fret not! Another opportunity to earn bonuses awaits in approximately three months. This gives users a chance to start or continue building their streak right away. And to add a cherry on top, these Earn Bonus Points also play a part in the NFTfi Leaderboard multipliers.

Currently, the platform advises users to include their email addresses to their NFTfi accounts. This enables them to receive regular updates regarding their loan streak status. Presently, there isn't a direct way to track the loan streak within the decentralized application.

🔜 What's Next?

Missed a streak? Keep your spirits up! Another allocation is right around the corner, in roughly 3 months. It's the perfect time to commence or sustain your loans. 

ğŸŽ¬ Take Action

Want to stay updated on your loan streak and ensure you're in the loop? Add your email to your NFTfi account today to get timely streak status updates!

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