Noodles Releases Chase the Rainbow

Noodles Releases Chase the Rainbow

Noodles, an approved derivative by the Doodles community, released a web browser multiplayer today according to a recent tweet thread.

Users will be able to integrate their Space Noodles or Space Doodles NFT into the game and use it as their playable character.

The game, known as Chase the Rainbow, will be open source as a way to allow the communities to add their ideas directly into the code of the game. 

Chase the Rainbow will be a game with the objective in mind of collecting the most "rainbow points" while trying to survive and compete against other players.

There will be weekly tournaments hosted in the game where users will compete against one another for prizes such as "Dooplicators, Noodles, Genesis Boxes, Discord roles, and merch" according to the team. 

To celebrate the occasion, there will be a Space Noodles x Space Doodles merchandise drop that will take place on Aug. 28 on the Noodles shop application. 

The current floor price of a Noodles NFT is 0.04 ETH according to the Lucky Trader Project Rankings.

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