OpenSea Email Vendor Suffers Security Breach

OpenSea Email Vendor Suffers Security Breach

Late last night, OpenSea published a blog article addressing a recent security incident that affected one of its vendors, and as a result, OpenSea's mailing list. OpenSea uses a vendor called to manage its email delivery services, and this vendor recently suffered a security breach where one of its employees "misused their employee access to download and share email addresses -- provided by OpenSea users and subscribers to our newsletter -- with an unauthorized party." The blog post further warns of "a heightened likelihood of email phishing attempts."

OpenSea offers a number of safety recommendations in the wake of this news. Users are advised to:

  1. Ensure emails are sent from a doman address of
  2. Never download anything from an email sent by OpenSea
  3. Verify the URL of any linked page has a domain of or before clicking
  4. Never share your password or seed phrase
  5. Never sign a transaction initiated by an email link

OpenSea will be sending an email (from the domain to any users it believes to have been affected in the breach. 

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