OpenSea to Add Support for Arbitrum

OpenSea to Add Support for Arbitrum

OpenSea announced that it will  support the Offchains Labs' Ethereum scaling solution Arbitrum by tomorrow, Sep. 21.

"This is a first step in building our goal of a web3 future where people have access to the NFTs they want on the chains they prefer," the team wrote on Twitter. "Our plan is to launch Arbitrum on OpenSea tomorrow. After launch, creators will need to find their collections in OpenSea and set their creator fees directly. We encourage creators to do this at launch to be ready for any new transactions."

OpenSea will host a Twitter Spaces tomorrow at 2 p.m. ET to ensure the Arbitrum community is ready for the launch. 

Arbitrum is responsible for NFT collections like Smolverse, GMX Blueberry Club, Diamond Pepes by DopeX, and more.

"The NFT ecosystem on Arbitrum One has been a vital part of our growth and community since day one," the team wrote on Twitter. "Being on L2, NFT communities are enabled to collaborate and be even more inclusive than ever before due to the low gas fees that comes with launching on Arbitrum One. That’s why we’re excited to welcome the rest of the NFT world to experience the creativity and innovation that is emerging from Arbitrum One via our new integration on OpenSea."

This is one of the first major announcements for an Ethereum L2 scaling solution since the Merge took place on Sep. 15.

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