Own The Moment Takes Ownership of SimWin Sports Team

Own The Moment Takes Ownership of SimWin Sports Team

Own The Moment is joining a growing lineup of team owners on the SimWin Sports metaverse fantasy sports platform, according to a press release shared with Lucky Trader. 

The content and analytics platform will maintain ownership of the New Orleans Jolly Jokers football and basketball teams, competing alongside other notable owners like Jerry Rice and Magic Johnson in SimWin's virtual sporting leagues. 

SimWin Sports metaverse fantasy leagues allow users to compete in daily and seasonal fantasy sports contests using fictionalized, virtual players that can compete in simulated sporting contests all day, year round. 

Participating users will be able to purchase NFTs that represent players on the teams owned by OTM, Rice, and Johnson, and then use those NFTs to enter fantasy sports contests. 

“SimWin Sports’ 24/7-365 fantasy sports offerings are a dream for any fantasy sports fan. We can play fantasy football, basketball, soccer, and more on-demand, with no off-seasons. That’s a dream come true,” said Justin Herzig, co-founder of Own The Moment. “To own a team in their metaverse league is a thrilling opportunity. The Jolly Jokers are going to dominate, no question about it.”

Users can acquire SimWin Sports NFTs via scheduled drops on the SimWin Sports website. The project is currently opening an allowlist for player drops and more information is available in the SimWin Sports Discord. 

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