Portal Teases Next Steps

Portal Teases Next Steps

Portal opened up its $PORTAL claiming this morning and in the process teased its next steps for holders and ecosystem participants. 

The Deets

  • Staking: Opens tomorrow, provides VIP access to token presales, NFT mints, and brand drops
  • Crystal Dash seasons: Amplify your points and earn from the game token pool.
  • Nodes: A sneak peek into the future of decentralized data networks.
  • Roadmap: A glimpse into major launches and activations over the next month.

The Bulk

Portal is grabbing every headline with its recent launch, which paid handomsely many engagement farmers and those who were willing to pariticpate in its unique farming experience. 

With claims underway, the protocol teased its next steps, including staking $PORTAL, which will begin tomorrow.

Staking will provide VIP access to token presales, NFT mints, and drops from favored brands. The more you stake, the higher your access level. 

Portal will also launch Crystal Dash seasons, inviting $PORTAL stakers to participate in a challenge to multiply points, climb the ranks, and earn a larger share of the game token pool. 

More infor about Portal Nodes will be unveiled tomorrow, promising a groundbreaking approach to decentralized cross-chain data networks. 

And last but not least, a March/April roadmap will be revealed tomorrow, teasing product launches, mainstream activations, and launchpad debuts.

📊 By the Numbers

In early trading hours, $PORTAL is priced at $2.68 and holds a $442 million market cap. 

🎤 Community Quotes


Our $124,000 got us $5,300,000 worth of $PORTAL. We did it fellas.Cirrus

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