Prohibition Art Expanding to Base

Prohibition Art Expanding to Base

Prohibition Art aims to pioneer diverse digital art forms and community rewards on Base as part of new expansion efforts. 

The Deets

  • Expanded Art Forms: Beyond generative, embracing varied digital expressions.
  • Launching MOONSHINE: A gamified rewards system that drives artist and collector engagement.
  • Strategic Expansion: Prohibition plants its flag on Base and Farcaster for broader impact.
  • Art Meets Innovation: Emphasizing sustainable support over speculative gains.

The Bulk

Prohibition Art is broadening its horizons by embracing a wider spectrum of digital art forms and expanding its activity to Base. The new initiative also includes a new community rewards program, dubbed MOONSHINE, aiming to answer for community-centric, sustainable monetization methods.

With its expansion to the Base blockchain, Prohibition aims to enhance its technological footprint and community interaction capabilities and move beyond generative art. This move is complemented by a simultaneous launch on Farcaster, setting the stage for deeper, real-time community engagement. 

🎤 Founder Feedback

We're launching a points and rewards program designed to support artists, engage collectors, and pioneer innovative monetization strategies.Jordan Lyall, Prohibition CEO

🔜 What's Next?

Prohibition plans to roll out tiered rewards, special quests, and community challenges within MOONSHINE, aiming to enhance the NFT experience through more interactive and integrated community involvement.

🎬 Take Action

Ready to explore the new frontier of digital art with Prohibition? Sign up for MOONSHINE to get started. 

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