Rarible Now Supports Tezos

Rarible Now Supports Tezos

Rarible announced it will add Tezos to its list of supported blockchains, in a move that comes about a week after announcing Polygon support. With today's news, Rarible now claims to be the "first marketplace to introduce this level of multichain aggregation."

❗Why It Matters

Tezos hosts a thriving art community through platforms like Objkt and fxhash, but discoverability and liquidity in the Tezos NFT ecosystem have been barriers to entry for many NFT collectors who are used to trading on Ethereum. Today's move by Rarible is a step towards broader adoption for Tezos NFTs.

🧠Learn More

  • Many well-known artists including XCOPY, Killer Acid and Pop Wonder have minted Tezos NFT projects.
  • Tezos has gained traction with major brands and entities of late, most recently with the California DMV.
  • Rarible recently expanded its community marketplace support, making it easy for anyone with an Ethereum or Polygon NFT collection to create a custom marketplace with just a few clicks.

🎤 Founder Feedback

  • "By adding support for more chains like Tezos and Polygon, we're enhancing the marketplace experience for users, giving them access to more listings than ever before through one user-friendly platform. We see aggregation as beneficial for artists and creators as well because it opens the door for their creations to be discovered by new sets of eyes. Anyone who is familiar with Rarible knows that there are many facets to our business. What unites all these parts together is the underlying principle that every one of our products will in some way elevate creators and their communities. We are and will always be community-centric." -Alexei Falin, Rarible CEO
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