Sorare Outlines Innovations for 2023-24 Football Season

Sorare Outlines Innovations for 2023-24 Football Season

Sorare revealed major updates for the 2023-24 football season, enhancing user engagement, ownership, and connection.

The Deets

  • New gameplay and competition formats for increased engagement
  • Additional platform gamification allowing managers more control
  • Enhanced fan experiences bridging the digital and real-world divide

The Bulk

Sorare, known for its blend of digital trading cards and fantasy experience, is taking a significant leap for the 2023-24 football season. The platform plans to go beyond mere simulation gaming, striving to bridge the gap between the digital and the real world, redefining the football fan experience.

The key updates include the introduction of long-format competitions and a novel "Kick-off" game mode, all aimed at enhancing passion, power, and connection. The long-format competitions will run across eight Game Weeks, with Global All-Star competitions having both short and long-format leaderboards.

The "Kick-off" game mode will offer a quick, social, mobile-first experience. Designed to be enjoyed among friends, users can assemble a five-card derby lineup of players and compete in specific match modes daily. This initiative aims to further gamify the platform, allowing managers to customize and control every aspect of their club.

In addition to the above, Sorare is introducing a club facilities feature, a training center, and physio center.  Managers can unlock and build their facilities through the Club Shop and in-game achievements. The training center is a change from the Training Competition to Academy, introducing the Training Facility feature. Player cards submitted to the Training Facility accumulate XP faster than in other game modes. In the Physio Center, managers can speed up fitness recovery of player cards.

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Users can explore the new updates in greater detail in the original blog post. 

🔜 What's Next?

The updates for Sorare's 2023-24 season are set to launch in September. Users can look forward to more detailed announcements and sneak peeks in the coming weeks.

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