Starbucks Dropping First Store Stamp

Starbucks Dropping First Store Stamp

Starbucks is releasing its next limited-edition NFT stamp, depicting elements from its first store at 1912 Pike Place, Seattle.

The Deets

  • Unique art pieces capturing Starbucks' historic first store
  • Early access for members with two or more unique Journey Stamps
  • Early access sale starts April 19, 2023, at noon ET, general at 3:00 p.m. ET
  • First Store Stamps will cost $100. 

The Details

The Starbucks First Store Collection features unique art pieces, each representing an element from the iconic 1912 Pike Place store in Seattle.

Limited-Edition Stamps are available in a first-come, first-served bassis with a limit of one stamp per person. Early access to the collection is available to Members who own two or more unique Journey Stamps as of noon ET on April 19. The general sale for the Starbucks First Store Collection will begin at noon on the same day and is open to the general public as supplies last. 

❗️Why It Matters

Eventually, Starbucks Odyssey program will provide unfettered access to Starbucks patrons and web3 users. But until that time, the platform is still slowly rolling out access and gate keeping its drops to loyal and early users. In this drop, collectors will be required to hold at least two unique Journey stamps to gain preferred access, but the public might get a shot if supplies last. It seems likely that this is providing some foreshadowing on the future of the platform, showcasing that Odyssey will be most beneficial to the most active and loyal stamp collectors and users, whereas casual stamp collectors will be further behind. 

📊 By the Numbers

The first six drops have generated more than $1 million in secondary volume on Nifty Gateway. The top collection, Holiday Cheer Edition Stamp No. 1 holds a floor price of $1,000. 

The cheapest way to get access to an Odyssey stamp? $68

🔜 What's Next

Starbucks is expected to provide additional details about the benefits available to beta users next week. Previous benefits teased ranged from exclusive merchandise to unique coffee experiences.

ğŸŽ¬ Take Action

To purchase a Starbucks First Store NFT, be ready for the general sale starting at 3:00 p.m. ET. If you're a member with two or more unique Journey Stamps, enjoy early access at noon ET. 

Haven't signed up for Odyssey yet? You can join the waitlist here


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