TODAY Snags $5M for AI Social Sim Game

TODAY Snags $5M for AI Social Sim Game

TODAY, an AI-driven social simulation game, secured a $5 million seed investment to transform virtual communities with NPC interactions and player-driven creation.

The Deets

  • Innovative AI Tech: Advanced character engine for deep NPC interactions
  • Creative Freedom: Expansive no-code tools for player creativity
  • Digital Ownership: True ownership over in-game creations
  • Experienced Team: Developed by an Oscar-winning crew and industry veterans

The Bulk

TODAY is setting a new benchmark in the realm of social simulation games, announcing a $5 million seed round backed by leading investors like Sfermion and Big Brain.

TODAY is on a mission to redefine player engagement through its cutting-edge AI and storytelling. This game introduces a dynamic world where players build and manage their own virtual islands, populated by AI-driven Non-Playable Characters (NPCs).

At the heart of TODAY's innovation is its proprietary character engine, utilizing advanced AI to breathe life into NPCs with complex personalities and needs. This breakthrough technology, paired with extensive no-code creation tools, empowers players to design and customize their islands with ease, creating a truly personalized gaming experience.

ğŸŽ¤ Founder Feedback

Social simulation games lack deep, realistic NPC interactions which limit player immersion and reduce relationships to superficial exchanges. We're transforming expectations by replicating the nuances of real-life dynamics using advanced AI that gives our NPCs unparalleled depth and responsiveness. This seed round accelerates the development of our vision to build the most immersive, rewarding and unique social sim ever created.Michael O'Connor, Co-founder TODAY

🔜 What's Next?

TODAY is gearing up for an alpha launch next year, and will hosts periodic play tests announced via its Discord. The project's Ancient Seeds collection will mint on Apr. 9.

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