UFC Strike Announces Conor McGregor Challenge

UFC Strike Announces Conor McGregor Challenge

UFC Strike announced a new challenge on Friday allowing collectors to earn an exclusive Conor McGregor Hype NFT.

The NFT will be of a legendary clip from a press conference where Conor famously asked "Who the F**k is that guy?" about Jeremy Stephens ahead of UFC 205 back in 2016. Moment Burn Challenges allow collectors to upgrade and craft new Moments by permanently removing supply from circulation.

The three ways to earn this Moment are as follows:

  1. Burn any 20 Contender Moments
  2. Burn any 2 Challenger Moments
  3. Burn 10 Contender Moments AND 1 Challenger Moment

The deadline for this challenge is November 16 at 2 p.m. ET. After completing the challenge, collectors will receive one officially-licensed Conor McGregor Hype NFT. Max 1 reward per collector. The Burn Tool is now open and will be live until the deadline closes.

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