gmoney's 9dcc Snapshot Coming Soon

gmoney's 9dcc Snapshot Coming Soon
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The snapshot for gmoney's 9dcc NFT holders is coming today at 5 p.m. ET, according to a reminder sent from gmoney's Twitter this morning.

Self-described as "the first-ever crypto-native luxury house and lifestyle platform," 9dcc is taking on the digital and physical fashion market.

Their first product "ITERATION-01" was an oversized black tee shirt, which can only be unlocked by holding the 9dcc ITERATION-01 NFT. The tee shirt comes with technology dubbed "Networked Product", leveraging short-range wireless connectivity to allow mobile scanning for companion NFT claiming. There is a patch on the bottom right of the tee which will facilitate that scanning.

Holders at the time of snapshot will be airdropped a "4K Voucher" NFT, which is the access key to the physical tee shirt. Voucher holders will then have a choice - keep the tee vaulted and in pristine condition, or claim it for actual wear. They can also choose to trade the Voucher NFT on the open market. Those looking to claim the tee are encouraged to follow the guide on the 9dcc website.

The market is hyped ahead of this snapshot, as 9dcc was a top 5 mover on the day jumping 20 percent to a 0.39 ETH floor, though it has since fallen to 0.33 ETH (for an XS) at the time of writing. There are different floor prices for different tee sizes, and the Large holds a 0.65 ETH floor with the Medium holding the highest floor at 0.8 ETH. 

The NFT set with supply 1,111 boasts a 56 percent unique ownership ratio, and the top holder owns 30 NFTs. The set was minted for 0.3 ETH back in August 2022.

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