Adam Bomb Squad Has No Ties to God Hates NFTees

Adam Bomb Squad Has No Ties to God Hates NFTees

Late last night, Adam Bomb Squad tweeted to reject any ties to God Hates NFTees, an NFT project that has found success on the secondary marketplace over the last week.

"Beware of God Hates NFTees," the tweet reads. "Aside from using our designs and campaign without our permission, we and Bobby Hundreds (the project's co-founder) have nothing to do with this project. Please be careful."

God Hates NFTees has not claimed that it is directly related to Adam Bomb Squad and clarified that position this morning via Twitter.

"This project is not linked to Bobby Hundreds or Adam Bomb Squad or any demonstration," the tweet reads. "It has been inspiration that has been developed with the community."

"We have already mentioned them in the past saying that the 'fake' protest was where the idea to carry out the project came from," a second tweet reads. "Totally independent project to them."

God Hates NFTees is closing in on 1,000 ETH in total volume traded over the last 24 hours and has a floor price of 1.68 ETH, up nearly 300 percent in the last day. 

More about Adam Bomb Squad

The Adam Bomb Squad Project is a collection of 25,000 “Adam Bombs” curated by The Hundreds owners Ben and Bobby as they breached the boundaries between streetwear, fashion, and technology.  The “Adam Bomb” made its first appearance in 2006 on the back of Freshjive t-shirt, and now reigns supreme as one of the iconic mascots not only in The Hundreds community, but also in generational streetwear over the last 15 years. 

At the time of publish, the Adam Bomb Squad floor price sits at 0.217 ETH, and has stayed relatively flat over the past 24 hours on 5 ETH volume of transactions. Over the last 30 days, 30 sharp wallets have sold 73 NFTs and 16 sharp wallets have bought 25 NFTs in the Adam Bomb Squad collection. Catch up on other recent Adam Bomb Squad news here.

Recent Adam Bomb Squad Sales

#21511sold at 12/04 9:12pm for
#6262sold at 12/04 9:12pm for
#20293sold at 12/04 9:12pm for
#18711sold at 12/04 9:12pm for
#21197sold at 12/04 8:12pm for

Recent Adam Bomb Squad Listings

#6649listed at 12/04 9:12pm for
#6649listed at 12/04 9:12pm for
#1389listed at 12/04 9:12pm for
#1389listed at 12/04 9:12pm for
#23602listed at 12/04 9:12pm for
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