Art Blocks Updates The Curation Board

Art Blocks Updates The Curation Board
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The Art Blocks team announced some new structure to its project review process moving forward. The Art Blocks Curation Board will include additional members and a standardized evaluation guide for assessing new collections. The feedback from the community will create additional transparency between artists and collectors.

The new Art Blocks Curation Board will be for review, critique, and select which Art Blocks projects will be included in future Art Blocks Curated collections. Dmitri Cherniak, the artist behind Ringers, is among the notable names on the Board.

The Board has with focus on the following values:

  • Serve artists through clear & constructive feedback to elevate an artist's work
  • Serve collectors by promoting learning, inquiry, & dialogue around on-chain generative art
  • Serve Art Blocks championing the future of generative art
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