Bored and Dangerous Floor Price Rises As Decision Nears

Bored and Dangerous Floor Price Rises As Decision Nears
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Bored and Dangerous, the book and ecosystem-expanding NFT for the Jenkins the Valet project, is up 39 percent to 0.63 ETH on Saturday.

Holders are expected to have a decision soon whether or not to stake their Bored and Dangerous NFT to receive tokens in a DAO called Hawthorn or burn their book NFTs for the opportunity to pay 0.08 ETH more and get an Azur Root — which acts as a pass to the fictional world of Azurbala. The Azur Root will also "age" and can be redeemed for a PFP later.

There are a total of 14,890 Bored and Dangerous NFTs but only 173 are listed. 

While the floor price has jumped significantly over the past 24 hours, profitable wallets (those that have made more than 50 ETH in profit) are exiting the project. The book NFT has seen a net loss of 18 sharp wallets in the time period.

The floor price of Bored and Dangerous NFT's parent project, Jenkins the Valet, has stayed stable over the past 24 hours at 0.93 ETH. 

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