Cool Cats Airdrops 'Beetah Test' NFT to Beta Participants

Cool Cats Airdrops 'Beetah Test' NFT to Beta Participants
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Cool Cats recently airdropped a new "Beetah Test" NFT to all participants in its Cooltopia gaming ecosystem beta testing process, according to a recent Discord message from community manager Queeny De Armas.

"We want to thank all of our community members who participated in the Beetah Test," she wrote on Discord. "You guys helped our team make Cooltopia a reality. As promised, a Beetah Test NFT has been sent to your wallets, so you can check them out now."

If you can't see the NFT airdrop, double-check that you participated during the specific testing dates, check your "hidden NFTs" folder on OpenSea, and check the activity tab.

The Beetah Test NFT shows a few hedgehogs working on a rocketship piloted by Blue Cat. Lil Chuggs sits on the top of the crane machine, and the Cool Cats town hall building can be seen in the background.

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