Cosmic Bloom by Leo Villareal NFTs

Cosmic Bloom by Leo Villareal NFT Overview

Project Information

Cosmic Bloom is a collection of 1,049 generative art NFTs created by artist Leo Villareal on the Ethereum blockchain. Prior to creating generative art NFTs, Villareal was most widely known for the public artwork spanning the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge titled "The Bay Lights" and his generative light sculptures in London known as "Illuminated River". Cosmic Bloom represents the second collection from Villareal's Cosmologies series, which began with the Art Blocks Curated project Cosmic Reef. Villareal utilizes a custom live code to create outputs that draw inspiration from things like organic structures, atomic patterns, and stellar phenomena. From the generative creations, Villareal hand-picked the 1,049 pieces that make up the collection that best reflected his vision for the overall project.