Cryptoon Goonz Community Passes 'Always Never Give Up' Proposal

Cryptoon Goonz Community Passes 'Always Never Give Up' Proposal
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Cryptoon Goonz community voters recently passed the Always Never Give Up proposal with a yes majority of 99 percent.

The proposal seeks to "continue to grow ... brand awareness at both web3 and web3 events" by "seeking community assistance in ending the year with a bang."

The estimated cost of the proposal's goal is $249,000. That includes a community event at NFT London, a brand awareness event at ComplexCon, a brand awareness event at DesignerCon, and a community event at Art Basel.

"These costs include cost of apparel, marketing, production, additional event staff, hotels, flights, gifting bags, holders exclusives, venue rentals, [and more]," the proposal reads. "Growing a brand is expensive, so we're asking for help from the community to continue our mission: do cool sh*t with cool people."

Only $30,000 of that total $249,000 is coming from "the Goonz Stash," a community funds wallet. The rest of the costs will be covered by the team.

Additionally, this proposal reallocates 100 percent of all secondary royalties from Cryptoon Goonz NFT sales to the Goonz Stash to recuperate the costs.

The proposal goes into effect immediately.

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