The Highest Selling CryptoPunk Is Back on the Market

CryptoPunk #5822, one of nine Punks with the "Alien" trait in the collection and also the CryptoPunk with the highest sale ever, is back on the market according to the marketplace on Larva Labs.

The Punk was purchased by Deepak, the CEO of Chain, for 8,000 ETH (more than $23 million dollars at the time) on February 12, 2022. 

They also listed the Punk back in March for 10,000 ETH before canceling the listing but today the Punk got listed for 9,000 ETH and has now been on the market for more than ten hours.

While that price is 1,000 ETH over what Deepak paid back in February, the current USD cost of that listing is just shy of $10 million dollars, which would be a loss of 58 percent if sold.


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