Deadfellaz Holders Can Earn Ledger Market Pass Allowlist Spot

Deadfellaz Holders Can Earn Ledger Market Pass Allowlist Spot
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Deadfellaz announced it is partnering with Ledger to give away 450 allowlist spots for the upcoming Ledger Market Pass NFT. 

The raffle opportunity is only available to those who hold the original Deadfellaz NFT. Those who hold a Deadfrenz NFT, the companion project from Deadfellaz, will not be eligible for entering the raffle. Additionally, the raffle requires that holders have at least 0.1337 ETH in their wallet, and follow @Ledger on Twitter. 

Deadfellaz NFT holders can enter the PREMINT raffle up until July 18 at 6:00 p.m. ET. 

The 450 allowlist winners will be entitled to mint a Ledger Market Pass NFT. The Ledger Market Pass NFT is the genesis NFT from the leading cryptocurrency hardware wallet. 

It will provide holders access to exclusive collaborations and limited edition hardware, including the ability to redeem a limited edition Nano X hardware wallet. 

For more information, see the official Ledger Market website. 


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