Deadfellaz Is Coming to Sandbox

Deadfellaz Is Coming to Sandbox
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Deadfellaz NFTs are soon to be roaming in Sandbox, according to an announcement from the metaverse company. 

The announcement indicated Deadfellaz NFTs are expected to be usable in the Sandbox on Wednesday, Oct. 19, though no official time was shared. 

A small teaser of the pixelated version of Deadfellaz was shared in the announcement, but holders can still likely get an early glimpse of what exactly what their avatar may look like in the Sandbox. Earlier this year, the Deadfellaz team released the IPFS link for the pixelated version of the undead PFP. Users can merely attach their Deadfellaz token ID to the end of the IPFS link for a distinct Pixelfellaz rendering. 

It is expected that to use their Deadfellaz in the Sandbox, holders will need to create a Sandbox account and then connect their wallet to use their Deadfellaz in the game.

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