Dust Labs Introduces Scholarship Tool

Dust Labs Introduces Scholarship Tool
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Dust Labs introduced its new "Scholarships" tool in an early morning tweet today. 

This new feature will provide a way for NFT projects to curate their communities. Screenshots of the product in action show the following key features of the newtool:

  • An admin area that shows the list of allowlist applicants, along with each applicant's review status
  • A check to determine whether or not a wallet contains enough $SOL to mint the project in question
  • A "Moderator Decisions" panel that allows team members to discuss specific applicants
  • The ability to approve, deny, or delete applicant entries
  • As for the applicant portal, users will be asked to connect their wallet, verify social media accounts, and answer a number of questions in order to be considered for an allowlist

There is a live demo featuring the y00ts project here. The y00ts project features an additional tool called the y00ts DAO p00l. Here, a number of DAOs are listed on a leaderboard based on the amount of $DUST (the native token to the DeGods ecosystem) held, and allocated allowlist spots based on their placement on the leaderboard.

Collectors have responded positively to DeGods' pivot from Duppies to y00ts nine days ago. Over that time, the project's floor price is up from 274 SOL to 325 SOL.

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