DraftKings Reignmakers Football: Rookie Debut Set Breakdown

DraftKings Reignmakers Football: Rookie Debut Set Breakdown
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Is it NFL season already? Not quite, but with just over three months until the season begins, the excitement starts in a week with the 2023 NFL Draft. The Draft has evolved into a widely televised event, and for NFL Reignmakers fans, DraftKings offers an engaging way to participate in the Draft and begin building their 2023 portfolios. This article explains the drop mechanics and pack options available.

2023 Rookie Debut Set: How It Works

First, let's discuss the drop mechanics, then delve into pack options and crafting and burning methods. The set will feature players based on their draft position, broken down as follows:

  • The first six Quarterbacks taken
  • The first five Running backs taken
  • The first nine Wide Receivers taken

Each pack will include an "avatar" of a player representing one of these positions. For example, a pack might contain the No. 1 QB, the No. 2 RB, and the No. 3 WR. These "avatars" will transform into actual players on Draft Night once they are drafted into their respective positions. Pack purchasing options will be available starting at 5:00 PM on 4/20.

2023 Rookie Debut Set: Pack Options

The drop features three pack options: Rookie Debut CORE Pack, Rookie Debut Booster Pack, and Rookie Debut Premium Pack. Here's the price and contents of each:

  1. Rookie Debut CORE Pack: $9.99 per pack

    • 1 CORE 2023 Rookie DEBUT card
  1. Rookie Debut Booster Pack: $29.99 per pack

    • 3 total 2023 Rookie DEBUT cards
    • At least 2 CORE (2.5 per pack)
    • Possible 1 RARE (0.5 per pack)
  2. Rookie Debut Premium Pack: $349.99 per pack

    • 5 total 2023 Rookie DEBUT cards
    • 2 CORE cards
    • 2 RARE cards
    • 1 ELITE or better (0.851 ELITE per pack, 0.142 LEGENDARY per pack, and 0.007 REIGNMAKER per pack)

2023 Rookie Debut Set: Crafting Options

Lastly, let's cover the crafting options DraftKings provides. If you have 2022 editions or crafting tokens, this is an excellent opportunity to use them. Here are the three crafting recipes for this set:

  1. Receive a 2023 CORE Rookie Debut Pack

    • Burn: 4 2022 CORE Cards, 1 2022 CORE Rookie Card, 1 2023 CORE Crafting Token
  2. Receive a 2023 Rookie Debut Booster Pack

    • Burn: 7 2022 CORE Cards, 3 2022 CORE Rookie Cards, 1 2023 RARE Crafting Token
  3. Receive a 2023 Rookie Debut Premium Pack

    • Burn: 7 2022 CORE Cards, 3 2022 CORE Rookie Cards, 7 2022 RARE Cards, 3 2022 RARE Rookie Cards, 1 2023 ELITE Crafting Token

For rookie investors, this is a fantastic way to engage in the Draft while enjoying the element of surprise, as the exact players won't be known until they're drafted. Good luck with your 2023 Rookie Debut packs!


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