More Packs Coming After Reignmakers Airdrop Issue

TD Marquis
More Packs Coming After Reignmakers Airdrop Issue
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DraftKings will be sending more packs to users after packs airdropped to some users Thursday contained lower-than-expected tier cards for its Reignmakers game.

Users who received RARE tier or higher Additional Depth packs will be sent packs from the ELEVATE set in the next 24 hours to make up for the packs which "did not meet the guaranteed tier contents," according to a message in the DraftKings Marketplace Discord.

Users who open their packs by 9 a.m. ET on Sept. 20 and do not receive the "guaranteed" contents will be eligible for a private Reignmakers contest.

One Discord user complained Thursday that their ELITE pack, which was supposed to contain one ELITE card, contained nothing but CORE (the lowest tier) cards. Another said their LEGENDARY pack had nothing higher than RARE (the second lowest tier) cards.

The Additional Depth packs, which included backup players like Las Vegas Raiders QB Jarrett Stidham and Denver Broncos WR Seth Williams, were supposed to be a bonus airdrop for users who opened a similar tiered ELEVATE set pack.

Now, users will receive the following by Friday:

  • Users who received a REIGNMAKER Additional Depth airdrop pack will get one LEGENDARY ELEVATE pack
  • Users who received a LEGENDARY Additional Depthpack will get three RARE ELEVATE packs
  • Users who received an ELITE Additional Depthpack will get two RARE ELEVATE Packs
  • And users who received a RARE Additional Depthpack will get one RARE ELEVATE Pack


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