DK Reignmakers Launches Weekly Franchise Score Contests with $100k Up For Grabs

DK Reignmakers Launches Weekly Franchise Score Contests with $100k Up For Grabs
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There are now even more ways to earn rewards while playing Reignmakers, the NFT-powered fantasy football game from DraftKings. Starting this week, DraftKings has launched new weekly Franchise Score contests with $100,000 up for grabs in Week 5 and $25,000 in each subsequent week through the end of the 2022 NFL season.

Franchise Score is DraftKings' way of rewarding the top Reignmakers collectors by assigning points to different types of player cards and calculating cumulative scores for collectors based on cards held. For example, a Core tier card is worth 1 base point and a Reignmaker tier card is worth 500 points towards a collector's overall score. There are multipliers for card sets -- with Genesis being the most valuable -- and additional bonuses given out for things like rookie status and mission completions. A complete overview of the point system is available on the Franchise Score landing page.

There are now two options on that page, one that displays the top 10,000 Franchise Scores throughout the entire season and one that resets each week. The weekly leaderboard will reset each Monday and payouts will be distributed on Tuesdays.

This new weekly initiative comes in response to feedback DraftKings received from newer entrants to the Reignmakers ecosystem who had felt they could not compete in the season-long Franchise Score contest against OG collectors who started building their collections months earlier. Now, OG and newer users alike will have ample opportunities to earn rewards through these different Franchise Score competitions. 

How does your Reignmakers collection stack up? Find out where you rank on both the season-long and weekly leaderboards here.

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