Art Blocks Curated "Fontana" Price Booms Following Mint

Art Blocks Curated "Fontana" Price Booms Following Mint
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The latest Art Block Curated mint "Fontana" has seen a steady increase in floor price following the sellout of the project according to the Lucky Trader Project Rankings.

Fontana started its Dutch Auction at 4.0 ETH until it sold out its full supply of 500 NFTs at a finishing price of 0.47 ETH.

Since the project minted out market participants have flooded into the project as its already done 170 ETH in sales volume in its first hour on secondary as well as seen its floor price increase from 0.47 ETH to 0.99 ETH, an increase of more than 100 percent. 

The project currently has 26% of its supply listed on OpenSea.

For more on Fontana, check out Lucky Trader's drop preview for the project.

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