Goblintown Teases December Event

Goblintown Teases December Event
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Goblintown.wtf tweeted out a teaser on Friday afternoon for a Miami event later this year.

"ₘᵢyₐₐₘₘᵢᵢₑₑₑₑ bₑₑₑcₕ!!!! wₑ bₑ dₑᵣₑ!! dₑₛₑₘbᵤᵣ 1 - 3" was tweeted out by the team. For those of you who don't speak goblin, the tweet implies that there will be a Goblintown-sponsored event at Art Basel in Miami on the first weekend of December.

"Fart Basel 2022" reads the image that went along with the tweet. Goblintown had one of the most desired NFT NYC events to go to back in June. If you are planning to be in Miami in early December, this event is certain to be one that you wouldn't want to miss.

The Goblintown floor price is 1.8 ETH, up  9% after the team announced a new marketplace for Truth Labs holders.

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