Jenkins The Valet Book is Coming in July

Jenkins The Valet Book is Coming in July

Jenkins The Valet, an NFT project that is built around using the IP from NFTs such as Bored Ape Yacht Club and other Yuga Labs projects, announced that their book is going to be released on July 11, 2022.

The writer for the novel is New York Times best-selling author Neil Strauss with the art being done by @MBSJQ, a top 20 selling artist on SuperRare, and the music is being created by grammy award-winning producer @murdabeatz.

The project will have a max supply of 20,826 NFTs with 2,367 being sold via Dutch Auction and 11,517 being sold to "WriteLists" users who can purchase an NFT at a discounted price, and 6,924 that will be claimed for free by Writer's Room Members.

Jenkins also announced that the books will be able to be burned to gain the "Azur Root" for a price of 0.08 ETH plus gas, the Azur Root can be staked for governance tokens for the project's DAO.

When touching further on the Azur Root, Jenkins said "they're our version of a mint pass" and that the NFT will be used to redeem an Azurian PFP.

After the redemption for Azurians, holders will be able to license the NFT for the Jenkins Audio Experience with the project's new "one-click marketplace."


More about Jenkins The Valet

Jenkins the Valet’s Writer’s Room is a collection of 6,942 NFTs that unlock several members-only web3 benefits such as voting power and creative direction over the Jenkins the Valet Novel. Jenkins the Valet is based on Bored Ape #1798, built with traits that resemble a Valet driver. The main author of the first book is a 10x NYT bestselling author Neil Strauss, with creative direction decided upon by voting among the community. There are many notable advisors to the project, including Andy Chorlian, founder of, Drew Austin, Founder of Redbeard Ventures, NFT attorney Jacob Martin, GMoney, and several others. Holding a Jenkins the Valet NFT gives holders the opportunity to license Bored Apes or Mutant Apes to the story, and be inscribed as an author and creator in every Jenkins work that is produced. There are four tiers of Writer’s Room NFTs: A Valet Ticket, Yacht Keys, a Valet Stand, and a WAGMI Yacht.

At the time of publish, the Jenkins The Valet floor price sits at 0.39 ETH, and has stayed relatively flat over the past 24 hours on 6 ETH volume of transactions. Over that same timeframe, 2 sharp wallets have sold 3 NFTs and no sharp wallets have bought NFTS in the the Jenkins The Valet collection. Catch up on other recent Jenkins The Valet news here.

Recent Jenkins The Valet Sales

#2313sold at 12/02 3:12am for
#4470sold at 12/01 7:12pm for
#4177sold at 12/01 6:12pm for
#1610sold at 12/01 3:12pm for
#6732sold at 12/01 7:12am for

Recent Jenkins The Valet Listings

#3605listed at 12/02 3:12am for
#3605listed at 12/02 3:12am for
#4470listed at 12/02 3:12am for
#4470listed at 12/02 3:12am for
#519listed at 12/02 1:12am for
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