TLDR | What Is KPR?

TLDR | What Is KPR?
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KPR has had the NFT market buzzing over the past few weeks with its application process and Keeper List, keeping early community members on the edge of their seats and building up more hype.

But what is KPR? And why are people talking about it? 

In this post, we will cover the basics including:

Let's get into it.

The Important Details

Mint Price Public Sale: 0.2 ETH | Supply: 10,000 NFTs

Mint Date "Keeper" Allowlist | Nov. 2, 11:00 a.m. ET Mint Date "General" Allowlist: Nov. 3, 11:00 a.m. ET

Reveal Date | Nov. 4 (time TBD)

Twitter: | Website: Discord:

What Is KPR?

KPR is a storytelling and world-building project with plans to build a metaverse brand around a collective narrative that its NFT holders will help build.

That world, the "KPRVerse," will "gradually reveal its lore through its genesis collection, multi-player media, and deconstructed RPG." The KPR collection will serve as the access key to this KPRVerse, unlocking both digital and physical experiences.

The art and the website have been early focus areas of the team, with the website containing several easter eggs and hints towards the lore to come. 

As for the characters, or PFPs, they are divided into two factions "Animus" and "Prisma," with an overall purpose "to defend the Keep."

NFT holders will not be assigned a faction at the mint but will be able to choose. The style is cyberpunk anime, and the characters will have various species (i.e. cyborgs, humans) and traits (i.e. fire, spears).

Why Are People Talking About KPR?

KPR gained attention with its allowlist application process, which received over 10,000 submissions in the first 24 hours it was open. When successful applicants shared their winning results, interest and intrigue spread, driving more social growth to the project. Did you fill out an application? You can check here to see if you made Keeper or Citizen status.

Community members have touted the interactive website as a big plus and standout factor for the project, as well as strong IP and PFP potential based on early glimpses of the artwork.

The project will mint fully to an allowlist, with 7,500 NFTs set aside for those on the Keepers List and 2,500 for General List (Keepers + Citizens). The Keepers List mint is guaranteed (not over-subscribed), allowing Keepers to mint two NFTs each in the 24-hour window. The General List comes next and is first-come-first-serve (FCFS), allowing Citizens to mint up to three times and Keepers one additional time. 

Mints that are solely for allowlisted parties typically drive additional market demand, at least early on, for those who did not make it through the application process.

What Is KPR's Plan? 

This is the tricky part about previewing the KPR drop, and the concerns have been echoed by some KPR community members - there is no published roadmap.  Instead, the direction of the project appears to be somewhat open-ended, in line with its storytelling, and world-building ethos.

In their vision statement, the team shares that they have been working on the KPR world for a year but that it is not a "final product," stating that "together we will reimagine what is possible."

Though not many details are released, the team did share that they aim to create a flywheel effect by tracking and rewarding engagement of the KPR PFP holders, thus creating better lore and world-building IP, which ideally drives more engagement and demand.

Who Is on the Team?

The founders are End (@notrealend) and Adventure (@adventure_KPR), who previously led product at TreasureDAO and multiple DeFi projects. The two anons lead an undoxxed team of twelve, which touts credentials in web2 in operations, legal, art, design, and more at companies like Nintendo, IBM, Riot, and web3-native TreasureDAO.

The team is not VC-backed.

KPR is certainly launching in an interesting week with the Art Gobblers tailwinds in full force. The project has been consistently touted as a top Q4 project in several pockets of NFT Twitter, and serious demand is expected. 

Will KPR benefit from the most liquid NFT-trading week in three months? We are about to find out.

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