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Linagee Name Registrar is the oldest discovered NFT project on the Ethereum blockchain. In September 2022, NFT Archeologist Mason Keresty discovered the name registrar after decompiling contracts written from the first 300,000 blocks of the Ethereum network. The Linagee Name Registrar was launched on August 8, 2015, only one week after the Ethereum blockchain was created. The Linagee Name Registrar was created by an anonymous Ethereum developer named Linagee, who is known for deploying the first-ever smart contract on the Ethereum network. Similar to the well-known Ethereum Name Service (ENS), users are able to mint a domain name for their wallet address. Unlike ENS Domains, however, these Linagee Domains only function as domains for Ethereum wallets, whereas ENS Domains support almost all crypto wallets. Additionally, Linagee Name Registrar domains are registered indefinitely, meaning there is no requirement to pay to extend the domain used.

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