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DOTs Evolutions 1 & 2 Now Minting
Staff Writer

Inhabitants Universe, formerly known as MetaHeroes Identities, has launched DOTs (Designated Observational Travelers). Evolutions 1 and 2 are now available on the website.

DOTs are described as DOTs "super-intelligent, super-chaotic space robots originally designed for the enterprising individual looking to explore space," per the website. DOTs use Fragments, and the MintPass 2 and DOT digital tokens are each assigned their own Fragment value which is used to evolve the DOTs.

Burning a MintPass 2 will allow users to mint the DOTs. 1 DOT + amount of DOTs/MintPasses will be needed to evolve.

DOTs Evolutions 1 & 2 Now Minting
Jenkins the Valet Announces Podcast NFT Partner Communities
Staff Writer

Jenkins the Valet announced the 12 NFT communities that have signed on as partners for the project's eight-episode fiction podcast on Wednesday.

Partner community agreements allow Tally Labs to 'set an episode in their world and use their name, logos, and key lore elements', according to the thread.

Holders from the partner communities will be able to fill out a backstory for their NFT, with characters featured in the upcoming podcast stories. One partner, voted on by Jenkins Writer's Room NFT holders, will also have an episode set within that project's community.

In addition to the 12 partners, many other NFT communities are also eligible to create characters:

Users can visit the Jenkins Podcast website to learn more and submit their NFT from the collections above for inclusion in the podcast.




Jenkins the Valet Announces Podcast NFT Partner Communities
Pixel Vault Opens Applications to Core Committee
Staff Writer

The Pixel Vault team is opening applications to its Pixel Vault Core Committee, according to a tweet from the project's account this afternoon.

In a teaser video accompanying the tweet, all Core Identity NFT holders are encouraged to apply to "have a voice behind the scenes, give input on gaming + creative direction, explore collaboration opportunities, and be rewarded for your contribution."

Community members wishing to apply should complete the form at this link.

The application consists of 6 basic questions, asking for identifier information (name, email, Discord ID, Twitter handle), wallet information, and which Core Identity Token(s) are owned.

Applications for Q1 2023 participation close on Dec. 15, 2022, and there will be a Q&A session for applications the following day for additional details.

Pixel Vault Opens Applications to Core Committee
Inhabitants Universe Holds Voting for Playable Characters in Its Upcoming Game
Staff Writer

Inhabitants Universe, formerly known as MetaHero Universe, announced that it is running a contest where its holders will be able to vote on Inhabitants Universe NFTs to be featured in the project's upcoming "AAA gaming experience beta."

The voting is now live and will remain so until Nov 4. at 4:00 p.m. ET. 

Participants must vote for at least 16 of the 80 potential characters before casting their vote.

The beta for the game is expected to release in the Fall of 2023.

Inhabitants Universe Holds Voting for Playable Characters in Its Upcoming Game
Pixel Vault Teaser Trailer Defines MetaHero Gameplay
Staff Writer

Pixel Vault released a trailer including details of its upcoming game Tuesday.

The Pixel Vault game will allow users to play as their MetaHero in a "3v3 auto brawler," or auto battler game, like Teamfight Tactics or the blockchain game Illuvium, which is currently in beta.

Holders will be able to use gear and planets in the battles and the video urges users to "bring your $POW" — one of the tokens in the Pixel Vault ecosystem. $POW is up 33 percent to $0.0344 since the tweet.

MetaHero Identities, the main avatar collection in Pixel Vault, is up to a 1.27 ETH floor price after hitting an all-time low floor price of 0.59 ETH on Sept. 17. 

Pixel Vault Teaser Trailer Defines MetaHero Gameplay
Pixel Vault Merch Issue #1 Is Live
Lou Sherman

Pixel Vault opened its merchandise shop on Monday afternoon. The shop will be open for 48 hours or until supplies have sold out.

Merchandise  includes a Pixel Vault pullover hoodie, PUNKS dad hat and T-shirt, and PV Classics: Metahero branded dad hat and T-Shirt.

Interested collectors can connect their wallets to the website in order to confirm token ownership before completing the order.

Pixel Vault Merch Issue #1 Is Live
MetaHeroes Announces Snapshot, Giveaway
Logan Hitchcock

MetaHero Universe alerted holders of a retroactive snapshot and giveaway on its Twitter this afternoon

The snapshot, which took place on Monday, Sept. 12 at 2:45 p.m. ET, will provide entry into a raffle of 2,000 Mintpass 2 NFTs for holders of MetaHeroes and Gear Pod NFTs. 

Those holding at least one Gearpod and MetaHero NFT at the time of snapshot are eligible for at least one raffle entry, with bonus entries being applied based on the following criteria (taken from the terms and conditions):

Each wallet must hold the Gear Pod NFT and a MetaHero NFT. Additionally, holding a “hero” MetaHero will act as
a 3x multiplier for your number of entries for the sweepstakes. Each Gear Pod will provide the following number of
entries into the raffle, with no limits per wallet:

● Astral Gear Pod: 1
● Cosmic Gear Pod (Jupiter): 2
● Cosmic Gear Pod (Saturn): 2
● Cosmic Gear Pod (Neptune): 2
● Cosmic Gear Pod (Uranus): 2

● Cosmic Gear Pod (Pluto): 3
● Cosmic Gear Pod (Mars): 4
● Cosmic Gear Pod (Venus): 5
● Cosmic Gear Pod (Earth): 5
● Cosmic Gear Pod (Mercury): 6
● Cosmic Gear Pod (Moon): 7
● Nebula Gear Pod: 7

To learn more about the giveaway, view the terms and conditions in full. 

MetaHeroes Announces Snapshot, Giveaway
MetaHero Co-Founder Issues Statement
Staff Writer

Odious, a co-founder of MetaHero, released a public statement to give updates on the project and its ecosystem in a tweet earlier this evening. 

Thanks to the help from Blur Studio, Pixel Vault has "grown the creative team to include long-form writers, concept artists, and a production house who are collectively driving the evolution of the MetaHero Universe."

In June 2022, the project announced a one-year timeline to produce an animated show but has shifted from the plan to focus more on "delivering our first gaming experiences."

There were also a handful of product updates such as the team ensuring that DOTs will make MintPass 2 tokens "exponentially deflationary over time," the team building its own style guide for a rebrand, and assurance that even though new iterations of the MetaHero PFP will occur over time current holders will keep their "Chris Wahl MetaHero designs."

Odious also touched more on the upcoming game for MetaHero stating that the community will have a direct impact on the game's evolution and a reminder that the game will be built and funded by Pixel Vault. The team assures holders that it has teamed up with a "seasoned gaming partner to create an immersive experience for your MetaHeroes."

Lastly, Odious announced that not Chris Wahl, but an unannounced artist, will be creating the upcoming comics for Pixel Vault.

MetaHero Co-Founder Issues Statement


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